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I'll be just very brief.

Posted by: Nico ( McDonald's, Netherlands ) on January 23, 19100 at 12:05:12:

In Reply to: You tell me where the money should go... posted by Adam on January 21, 19100 at 17:47:03:

I'll be just very brief.
McSpotlight says McDonald's is paying people not enough money. Why, should you care, the people who work there are responsable for their own living. Btw I only hear this from the UK so determine who is wrong, McDonald's or maybe the UK government who don't want to give their people minimal wages just like here in the Netherlands...
Secondly the meat that is consumed comes from cows who are grown by farmers not by McDonald's. So if you have a problem with the way those animals are treated go after the farmers not after McDonald's.
Thirdly, imagine you have a store which sells toys, wouldn't it be handy to have some people in there and even sell some stuff so you can make a living!!
Fourthly why should the employee at McDonald's pay for the stuff anti-McDonald's groups do to the restaurants. In Belgium there are 2 restaurants who were burned down... It's not normal to do that. A lot of people lose their jobs because of this...

My advise to those people is: "get a job!!"

Also I want to know whether McSpotlight supports such actions as in Belgium or do they also hate these actions.

Thank you for reading,

A conserned McDonald's Employee.

McSpotlight: Firstly, McDonald's employees do badly in terms of wages and conditions worldwide; this was one of the court findings.

Secondly, McDonald's provides the world's largest single market for meat; and spends over a billion pounds a year advertising a meat-heavy diet. Without the demand, the farms wouldn't exist in large numbers; and McDonald's does their best to create the demand and the market.

Thirdly: it's not entirely clear what you're trying to say here.

Fourthly: Meat eating is the second most ecologically damaging practice on the planet (beaten only by car driving); 33% of the USA's raw materials go towards making meat. The whole planet suffers from the effects of meat overconsumption; why should the Third World and non meat-eaters suffer the environmental effects caused by a minority of people overeating meat?

Drug dealing is 'a job'; does that make it ethical?

As to the McD's that were burnt down; I can't condone violence; but I can understand their viewpoint.

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