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They rubbished themselves, not us rubbishing them.

Posted by: Kalvin Chapman ( London, England ) on January 23, 19100 at 12:06:34:

In Reply to: McSpotLight is ludicrous!!!!!! posted by Kevin on January 21, 19100 at 12:56:35:

-they want to sell happy meals, so they target children. That's just -logical marketing. There's nothing too life-threatening about that.

Nothing too life threatening about that? Are you being serious? In the witness box, when his company spent 10million (just over $20million) suing two people who's weekly income is just 70, McDonalds (UK) president, Paul Preston, said that he could not see anything wrong with a child eating McDonalds food 6 times a week.

This leads to severe problems for a persons health if they eat food high in cholesterol on a regular basis starting from a young age. It has been medical proven that if you give a young child and teenager lots of cholesterol over a sustained period they are many times more likely to suffer from severe cardiac illness at a younger age than would normally be expected. (ie. they will be having heart attacks by the time they are 30, instead of 50+)

McDonalds advertising people said in the witness box that they purposely direct advertising at children so that they will become adicted to the food and continue to eat there for their entire lives.

The judge said that McDonalds that it is true that McDonalds exploit children. McDonalds (in their written submission of 5th January 1999 to the court of appeal) did not contest this. If you thinkthat there is nothing wrong with ANY company, not just McDonalds, exploiting children, then you are a very seriously under educated person. You are entitled to your opinion, and you must never let anyone pressure you into advocating something that you don't believe in, but before you do advocate any position, please check it. There is something wrong with McDonalds adverts. In the UK we are trying to get people to send a pre-made letter to the Independant Television Comission to try and sort out McDonalds adverts to children. (You'll find it in the lobby area of this web site.)

Please, read some of the transcripts for the trial. Read some of judgement. Read about what happened in the Court of Appeal. McDonalds turned a small protest, that was just about to fizzle out (and would have fizzled out months earlier had it not been for McDonalds Private Investigators making up the numbers at meetings!) into one of the worlds largest and most embarrasing spectacles. They rubbished themselves, not us rubbishing them. We just carried on with what they started.

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