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You did not say if you worked for a company store or a franchised store.

Posted by: jake ( canada ) on January 23, 19100 at 23:48:30:

In Reply to: P.A.L. Program posted by Patsy on January 23, 19100 at 11:47:39:

: Has anyone had any experience with the PAL program? What happens? A bunch of us are thinking of writing about our unreasonable, abusive, head manager. Would he find out who had written the letter? Do people from the head office come, or just call? I'm thinking this might turn out really badly because of the fact that it IS our head manager. Any input?

PAL letters can be very helpful! You did not say if you worked for a company store or a franchised store. This may affect the response that you will get. All PAL letters now go to head office first, than would be forwarded to the franchise for a response. If you work for a company store, you would be wise to ask for a rap session to be conducted by the operations manager/supervisor at your store. Since you said there was a bunch of you who wanted to write, then some of you could just go to the rap session and let them know what is going on. When you write the letter, mention the things that are happening that are bothering the crew and what specifically the head manager is doing to cause these problems. Tell them that a bunch of you are very concerned about what is going on and that you would like a rap session held. This way you do not have to sign your names or worry about anyone finding out who wrote the letter.

At least this way the big guys will know what your manager is doing wrong and can correct it.

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