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Not being arrogant

Posted by: Ken ( Canada ) on January 24, 19100 at 18:54:12:

In Reply to: your acting as though you run your whole store. posted by Sarkazein on January 21, 19100 at 16:42:58:

: snip*
:: Set a good example and help me put a stop to sexual harassment in the store and I promise your next review will be through the roof.? I did this and nothing happened.
:: Our waste is way out of hand, help me fix it and you will get a raise.? Again nothing.
:: We need to get our night staff whipped into shape.? I helped with this and still nothing.
: Did you invent a cure for AIDS as well?? It really sounds like you are the best crew person ever to walk on the face of this earth. Listen to yourself...your acting as though you run your whole store.

Actually, yes, I did invent a cure for aids but I'm waiting for decent raise before I share it with the world.
All I meant is that I set an example for the rest of the crew on my shifts. If they were talking about sex I would not participate and if it got out of hand I asked them to stop.
As for the waste I asked everyone on my shifts to cook less meat, chicken, etc. and not make extra food for the bin. It did cut waste on my shifts.
I have made sure everyone was wearing proper uniforms and following procedures on my shift.
I am not making any great claim to fame here.
The point was, I did what I was told and never received the promised raises. I didnít mean to sound arrogant, just frustrated.

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