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A few words in defence of myself and my store.

Posted by: Angela on January 28, 19100 at 14:18:15:

In Reply to: you need to get over it posted by Matt on January 20, 19100 at 22:24:13:

: I believe that McDonlads is a fine business I myself works at a McDonlads the pay isn't bad and i am not even a manager soon to be but not yet and maybe it is not McDonlads that makes the ereas around you so disgusting maybe it is the people like yourselfs who have nothing better to do then complain about someone trying to get a business going so what if someone died of a herion overdose in your parking lot people die everwhere of druge over doses it is not mcdonalds fault but your fault and all the people that live in your communtiy for not doing anything about the problem at hand

A few words in defence of myself and my store. My store is of sub-metropolitan locality in a well reputed suburb of a large town. The suburb is fairly middle-class and is populated in the majority by families with young children. I see no evidence of societal 'low lifes' elsewhere in this suburb and the only plausible reason I see for their frequenting my store is that they are driven by the cravings of their habits and feel compelled to drop in on their way home from a night out in the city.

I find it offensive that you even suggest that these people are a product of my environment. Do you think I enjoyed being held in an office at gun-point so much as to actively encourage (or ignore) such deplorable behaviour?

Further more, I don't recall making any reference to my store trying to run a business. Of course they are, although this pertains nothing to my previous message. Nor do I recall any reference to making money (either myself or my store) although I acknowledge that this is what McDonalds is about. It's also what I'm about. McDonalds is not my chosen career. It is merely transitory while I complete my university studies. While I applaud you on your decision to become management, I suggest you take things for what they are rather than reading into it what you may.

In defence of myself,

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