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Posted by: Michael Goss Jr ( USA ) on January 29, 19100 at 12:39:01:

To whom it may concern,
I am a Swing manager at Mcdonalds. I find the job very fun and relaxing.
To all of you people who decide to downgrade Mcdonalds with its falts, this is to you.
Unemployment is at a very low point and the economy is booming. Can you tell me how many people McDonalds emplyees? Well, I can tell you that if there was no McDonalds, no matter how you or anyone would arguee it, alot of their employees would not find other jobs. Sure, these big cities where Jobs are a dime a dozen it wouldn't affect, but what about all the small towns around the world, mine for example. McDonalds may not pay top dollar for work but they pay. That's 40 or so people employeed that your not paying their unemployment. If you want to go against McDonalds, you need to go against any fast food company that is in existance. If you put them all out of business, you would have an unemployment rate that would be unreal.
Next subject,
If your going to tell the bad things that McDonalds does you should tell the good things also. This sight is supposed to be all about the truth, yet I don't hear you telling any of McDonalds atributes. You say nothing about the Ronald McDonald house which provide assistance for millions every single year. McDonalds coorporation actually runs McDonald house profit boosters so they have more money for the people this fund helps. Come on, sounds like an attribute to me.
Low income familys,
Every child in the world should be allowed to have fun, i'm sure we could all agree on that fact. What about the family that can't afford to take their child or children to Walt Disney Land, or some other expensive place to eat and have fun. McDonalds is an excellent alternative, no comparison to Disney Land of course, but still, have you ever seen a childs, from a low income family, eyes light up at the sight of a McDonalds playland? I bet you haven't Mcspotlight! I bet you haven't! These familys can't afford to by expensive gifts and meals for their kids. But, as the lord as my witness, that child would be extatic to get a hotwheel or barbie or firbie, and get to play in the play land.
Senior Citizens,
What about these folks who have nothing to do on a Friday night. A lot of them go to McDonalds for a Senior soda and a fish with their other senior friends on a Friday night (Food and date just an example). They get a warm place to congrigate and a decent snack. Come on Mcspotlight, why don't you tell these things? Let me guess, your gonna say the coffee is killing them right?

Oh, and one more thing, I admit, Mcdonalds menu could be a bit healthier, but, tell me something, doesn't Mcdonalds sell Grilled chicken sandwhiches? Don't they sell salads? Oranje juice? See, Mcdonalds does not exclude health from their menu. We also don't tell that 500pd guy that comes in at 10pm to get a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese, super fry, and supper soda. Health is a choice. I've worked at Mcdonalds for a year and a half, i'm 19,5'7, 165pds, with a nice build and I eat McDonalds every day. You can stay healthy and eat at McDonalds, like I said it is a choice. A choice a lot don't choose to make and then they decide to blame it on anyone they can.
In conclusion,
Mcdonalds does have it's faults, but every one and every thing does also. You choose to hit McDonalds only because it is the biggest. Take the waste for any other Fast food chain and multiply it by McDonalds volume and you'll see, there is not much difference, except volume.

Michael Goss Jr

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