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You haven't read your Crew Handbook either, have you?

Posted by: Sam ( UK ) on January 30, 19100 at 20:52:19:

In Reply to: Attention crew posted by Paul on January 29, 19100 at 12:45:05:

: To all of you that complain about your job, please quit.

I really hope that you are joking here - although i'm not going to whinge about how hard it is to get a job, i'd just like to say that it's harder than you might think, but then you're entirely happy with your job, so you wouldn't know...

: You are not an asset to the company.

You haven't read your Crew Handbook either, have you? According to the aforementioned publication (or little book of loopholes, as I like to call it), we are ALL assets, an integral part of the McDonald's "machine". Whether we complain or not, we are to be considered "valuable", unless we violate the company rules.

: As a manager , i have noticed that bad employees like all you complainers, are extremely stupid people that have difficulty understanding the basic concepts that make mcdonalds run.

Righty ho - the best bit of your message. In my opinion (which is just that - mine, not McD's), most of us "stupid people" know way TOO much about the extremely basic concepts that make McDonald's run. We know the age old adage "good catch mate", when something gets dropped on the floor by a manager. We know (if we do a little digging) how much the managers get paid, in comparison to us lowly crew members. Also how much gets spent on the site occupied by the restaurant, and other costs. Us stupid people can quite easily figure out profits, you know. We know how much a medium drink, or a big mac actually costs to make. We know... but i'm ranting here. Suffice to say that you either work in a model restaurant, and have therefore not encountered the many downfalls of being a McDonald's employee, or you are just using your big wooden stick to stir things up and see what reaction you get. Whichever is the case, I hope that you can find some enlightenment from this.

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