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A minor victory for any Maccas employee who has ever been abused by a customer.

Posted by: Andrea ( Australia ) on January 31, 19100 at 13:10:51:

In Reply to: No waiters, no tipping, and free napkins! posted by Hugh Morris on January 25, 19100 at 10:45:42:

: Andrea: In my two and a half years at McDonalds I have successfully resuscitated a heroin overdose victim in my car park, had a drug-realted death occur in my dining room and have been subjected to armed robbery. And you call this a family restaurant?

: Hugh: That's pretty good. It makes my experiences of puddles of drunken vomit in the parking lot, fellatio in the bathrooms, donnybrooks among customers and employees, grafitti on every imaginable surface, and the homeless man who froze to death on the doorstep pale in comparison. When customers complained about the lousy service, I'd sometimes hand them an employment application, and ask: "Care to help us out?" I never got any takers, and only occasionally got cursed out for my trouble.

: Hugh Morris

We could go on forever and ever about the things we've seen at Maccas. I think maybe I'll try handing my next abuser an application for employment form. Something I found to work very effectively is to get the abuser to actually do it himself.
Working the overnight shift utterly exhausted from the weeks activities and numerous run-ins with the home-heading drunks from the city, I found myself copping a fine line of abuse from a customer over the rate at which I was bagging his small fries. Granted, I had dropped the bag once, possibly because I'm clumsy, possibly because no-one can work effectively while being screamed at. The solution? "If you think you can do this any better, then I challenge you to do so. If you can do this in one go as per McDonalds SOC protocol then you can have the fries for free. If you can't then you leave with nothing" The result? The guy has a go, fails miserably, throws the fry scoop on the floor and walks out. A minor victory for any Maccas employee who has ever been abused by a customer.
And now I shall go and prepare myself for the anticipated tirade of 'that is so irresponsible' follow-up messages.

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