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Posted by: David Donaldson ( none, Australia ) on February 06, 19100 at 19:54:19:

Indeed, Ronald continues to spread his Homogenized Pap throughout the world. I was employed by Mcdonalds about fifteen years ago, during my last years of high school. Occasionally I was required to do what was then called the ' Set up ' shift. This began at 6.30 am and consisted of putting together all the various machinery and being on hand to cook the first burgers of the day. (In those days the Mc Breakfast had not been implemented within Australia.) One thing that concerned me at the time, and I hope the procedure has since been altered, was the highly toxic cleaner used to clean down the grills before the daily cooking began. A large quantity of the substance was used to remove the grease and grime from the previous day, the grill was then washed down and a short time later meat cooked on it. I thought at the time that surely a residue of the cleaning fluid, given that time restrictions dictated that it was hastily washed down, not wiped off,
would end up on the first x amount of burgers cooked on the surface.
Anyway, I thought that might interest someone.. I wonder what the practice is today? One other thing, whilst travelling throughout Germany on the train system over the last five years I have noticed a disturbing number of Mctrain cafes. This means Mcdonalds is the only available refreshment on the entire train!! Whats going on? Is the German Government getting a cut for this....

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