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Posted by: McDonalds Employee ( Netherlands ) on February 08, 19100 at 12:38:16:

In the Netherlands are 22.000 people working for Mc. All over the world there are much more. Where do you want these people to work? And why is it always only McDonalds? It's the people's choice to eat a burger, they're not forced. Ofcourse not everything is great about Mc, but do you now a company wich is great at all points? How about the Ronald McDonald Houses next to hospitals, that should be done by the government, but no.
A Dutch McDonalds Employee.

McSpotlight: By analogy, you could say the same about working in the arms industry; they provide jobs, people have the choice to buy weaponry and so on.

However, if you stopped funding the arms industry, there would be extra capital for creating jobs in sectors like healthcare and socially constructive jobs. Similarly, if the meat industry (which is pretty inefficient) closed down, there would be a good deal more in the way of natural resources with which to create new jobs in less damaging fields of business.

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