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Posted by: Natarly Anderson ( Australia ) on February 16, 19100 at 14:38:14:

Hello All,

I've only recently become aware of this web site and find it enlightening to read the views of others. So here's my ten cents worth.

I think that what you think of Maccas is relative to what you want from it. I've been with the company for nearly three years while I put myself through uni. It's just a job to me, not anything I plan to make into a future career. However, I do this job to the best of my ability (I'm a Crew Chief and I'm aware that my hours are dependant upon my job performance). There are days when I hate the job and I think (and I'm about to make a huge generalisation here that will probably get me criticised and abused for weeks to come) the reason most people who write here that they hate their jobs and the company are, like myself, using Maccas as a means to something else. Like another job, or some cash while at school or uni on the way to our careers. When I hate my job, I'm usually frustrated with the trivialness of it all. But at then end of the day it's just something I go and do and get paid for.When it comes down to it, I'm in it for the money and it's all about me.

On the other hand I think ( and here's another generalisation) that the people who love their jobs are the people who see Maccas as a career rather than a transient job. I really think this is admirable. It takes all sorts. Somebody's got to make the food just like somebody's got to build the house and somebody's got to fix the broken leg.

So there you have it. Congratulations McSpotlight on providing a place to write for people with something in common.


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