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it is a great place for kids to get work experience.

Posted by: Teresa ( USA ) on February 17, 19100 at 13:17:21:

In Reply to: Mcspotlight is so truthfull posted by Dave Peal on February 14, 19100 at 11:48:29:

: :Another young key holder brainwashed by Mcfilthy's again. It seems this company can somehow find people to work and believe in thier unethical behavior.

: Mcfilthy's hasn't changed since 1955. It alon process but there is a certain kind of person that is attracted to this form of brainwashing and promising a set of keys. These youngsters have nothing better in life and soem even become suits and ties who make good money looking like fools. Yes these people seem to sleep at night but I can't imagine if they have any self esteem in the job they are doing to the children and health issues. Look at some of the want a bees who have become rich by doing nothing but delegating duties to 16 year olds. Just think how much better we all would be if the world never had the evil clown!!!

Actually, McDonald's does a lot of great things for their employees. Although I would readily admit that it is not a place that I would want to make a career of (I almost did...I worked there for 12 years, in every position...all the way to store manager), it is a great place for kids to get work experience. Sure they pay minimum wage for most crew positions, but they offer flexibility, convenient hours, and an opportunity to gain skills that will carry over to any other career choice they might make. Many owner/operators provide scholarships or tuition support for their employees that are going to college. Some even pay their high school students while they do their homework!

It's not for everyone, and quite frankly, as a manager of any business, I wouldn't want you to work for me if you felt it wasn't right for you. It's just like any other job...if it is not a good match, you don't belong there....QUIT! Find something that will make you happy! But be well advised...when you go out looking for another job, or you actually get hired for a differnt job, DON'T BAD MOUTH YOUR PREVIOUS EMPLOYER - whether it be McDonald's or anyone else. That will leave your prospective employer wondering what you will say about them, and you most likely will not get or keep the job long. And in the long run...are you really happy if all you want to do is spend time bad mouthing someone else. Be Pro-active and make your life better.

"It's not what people do to us that hurts us. In the most fundamental sense it is our chosen response to what they do to us that hurts us"
-Steven R. Covey-

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