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Posted by: kate ( england, oxford ) on February 18, 19100 at 20:21:14:

Yes the working conditions are shite, yes millions of animals are killed all day everyday for the company, yes rainforests are chopped down and yes these issues are of great concern however none of these issues stop any member of the public coming into a resturant and buying the food. As a Mc D`s highly under paid worker i do find it difficult to defend the company but it would not run without the custom we recieve from the general public. Mc D`s mass advertising campaigns which spread over all mediums do capture the desired attention from the audience the advertising is aimed at but there listening because they like the product. The happy clown image does attract children but its those oh so caring parents that take them there to recieve that meal full of goodness. Grown adulds know the food is basically full of shit and no advertising campaign can hide or blanket this so on there own influences and tastes they eat the food, the adverts just remind you the company exists and is thriving off the publics hard earned money.

McSpotlight: And? - we're not defending parents who let their kids pester them into taking them there; but it's extremely irresponsible to target that section of the populace for intensive advertising in any case...

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