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Posted by: kes ( england ) on February 18, 19100 at 20:21:40:

I have quite a good working environment, i get on with the store manager and other managers and the crew are all pretty cool but one thing that really pisses me off about the job is rude abrupt and damn anoying customers. I can put up with the long shifts,shitty jobs,that ongoing beeping coming from the kitchen and the scabby uniforms but customers with attitude really get on my tits. The theory that the customer is always right is the biggest wank i ve ever heard. They come in with the attitude your thick and going to get there order wrong so they speak to you like your dum as fuck. So what if we havent all got Alevels or degrees it doesnt intitle anyone to speak to anyone the way we`re spoken to. Oh and as the statistics state 3/4 of workers are under 21 so most of them are at school, college,uni or just doing the job to pass time while they decide what there at. Its more likely the person behind the till is more intelligent than the one infront of it. And if you are making a career out of Mc D`s go for it promotion isnt unlikly and store managers get a company car, phone bills paid for them, 20-25 grand a year and you can get this at around 25 years old. Then theres area superviser and more, basically the point of this little insert is nil i just had a bad day at work and get pissed off with cocky rich kids that think they can speak to anyone how they want. I find that people that are plesant to serve are of the majority and are not nieve pricks but those who are pains can fuck off to burger king and get the same shit for double the price.

Acording to my manager its this attitude of mine that prevents me from getting promoted to floor manager. So if your after promotion the customer is always right but if you dont give a shit and only work there to pay your mum back that tenner you had off her last week, tell them there mac only cheese is taking so long cause your catching the damn cow.

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