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Career at McDonalds???

Posted by: Tabitha ( US ) on February 20, 19100 at 09:35:36:

Why a career at McDonalds? This is a question I have been personally
asked repeatedly, I have even been offered office jobs by my customers.
Honestly, it is true passion. McDonalds is many things, and in my opinion it takes a very unique individual to really be able to lead & manage a crew with such diversity. To be effective at McDonalds you have to want to make a change, you have to want to satisfy your customers, you have to be an independent person, and also be able to be
intradepent with you management team and your crew. I have had many
jobs much easier, however these other jobs were thought by others to be
much more "prestigious". I am an intelligent person, I do have many
other skills, however with no other career have I been able to use all the abilities which I posess both as a person and as a leader. It is
not "flipping burgers" and I challenge anyone who says that it is easy. I personally love the challenge it gives me. A planned day at
McDonalds means "DEAL" with everything that could possibly go wrong because it will. This is why we need managers and crew who are willing to push themselves to the limit. Most people are afraid of failing so they give up & blame it on McDonalds. It is not the job that makes a bad name for itself, it is the many people who have tried it and have given up! I am passionate about my work, something a college degree will never give anyone. They must find their passion within themselves, and the willpower to overcome their own limitations.

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