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My feelings on this incident was that it was part his fault and the stores.

Posted by: Hillbilly ( Australia ) on February 21, 19100 at 14:38:37:

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: Anyway, though I think it really depends on which store you work at, some are shocking. I've heard plenty of horror stories - for instance, it was on the news recently that a kid working there a few years ago had been killed at work - there was a frayed wire behind the fry vats, and when he touched the metal basket he was electrocuted.

It wasnt the fry vats... it was behind the grills. It happened at the Wollongong store a few years ago. He was doing a grill close and yes the wires were frayed.
My feelings on this incident was that it was part his fault and the stores. He should have cut power to the grills at the isolation switches/breaker circuits as it states on the grill close Station Observation Checklist. He and the previous people that have done grill close should have imformed management that the wires were frayed. The next day McDonalds Australia ordered all store owners/operators to get there equipment checked by electricians.

: I have arrived for a rostered shift, only to be sent home.

You should have refused or been paid the amount you were rostered for.

:I've been asked to do things that break government safety regulations - standing on the top rung of a ladder, heavy lifting, that sort thing.

Let me guess, you have never rotated stock in the fridge or freezer or have done walkers :)

"Self proclaimed grill close champion"

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