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managers, go to hell

Posted by: Matt ( ISO, USA ) on February 21, 19100 at 17:54:10:

There are a lot of managers' posts here with the "quit if you don't like it" theme. I have a better idea: How about we "stupid" workers just take over all the McDonalds and throw all the managers out? Then we'll run the operation on a democratic basis instead of a totalitarian model. Then the managers can look for jobs instead.

These managers are petty in that they're defending their little bit of power which makes so many peoples' lives miserable. And they're in total denial about it. Just like an alcoholic who must go on with their addiction so they make up lies to themselves - eventually they believe their own excuses like it was god given truth.

The point is that McDonalds is a completely undemocratic institition in every way. Fascism is characterised by breaking of all unions and a "get out if you don't like it" policy. How different are these managers then?

For every manager there are 20 workers. And workers have the power to shut down McDonalds. Workers have the power to run & manage McDonalds themselves. Managers do not. Although managers talk as if workers are simply dispensible, it is the managers who are dispensible in the end. So lets get rid of them.

Good job McSpotlight! Every progressive social movement starts small and has its many naysayers. I think your cause win in the end.

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