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Posted by: kate ( england ) on February 22, 19100 at 10:23:52:

In Reply to: everyone in this company is replacable. posted by Concerned Employee on February 21, 19100 at 11:59:03:

: Please don't make McDonald's out to be someone who cares about their workers. I was recently told by my store manager after a dispute that "everyone in this company is replacable." She went on to tell me that no matter what, even if everyone that is employed at our store quit that night, they would have it open the next morning. Nice isn't it? Mcd's employees can not stand up for their rights..they try and management finds a way to get rid of them. Look at it this way..even though they are a billion dollar company, they still strees sales/labor as their number one factor in business. That is..if they are not making way over the projected amount of money at a given time employee hours are cut, (they are sent home early, told to stay home..etc..) and the remaining employees have to bust their asses to keep the place running as smooth as it would be if all the scheduled employees were actually working. How hard is it to get employee benifits? Very. What about an actual set schedule of 38/39 hours a week (because God forbid they have to pay overtime)? Next to impossible. Then they give us this garbage they call "incentive" such as chances to win pins, free food, etc instead of actually giving us decent pay raises. And they equipment we have to work with?? These people are definitly penny pinchers. Which yes..that is good business strategy, but when things become impossible to use/dangerous, it gets a little crazy. McDonald's is crap..and if you work there get out and get a decent job. All their company is good for is a part time job for a highschool student.

I think that half of how the company treats the employees is down to the store manager and those below. If you feel your being treated unfairly or things arent running the way they should, take some back up and go and see the area superviser. Explain your difficulties and try and sort it out, if the people are good at there job (which admittadly some are not) they will see that you want it sorted and your job odviously means something otherwise you would just walk out. If you have the attitude that your job is shit then it will be shit, im a firm believer that its what you make of it and if where you worked was really that bad you should of tryed to sort it out so that it was nt equally as shit for all those other poor buggers.

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