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we need more then what they give us

Posted by: stephanie ( colorado ) on February 22, 19100 at 10:32:24:

i know that most of you know what you are talking about but did any of you stope to think why the set this room up it is so we come on there look for something and we run it to this we tell poeple thing that dont live in the same stat as us what is goining on in a Micky d's states between us. i have leard a lot working at McD but what i have to say it some of these thing i did not need to know i starter to work at McD when i was 15 and i did not use it for drug or smokes and i was not kick out of my houes i needed it to go to school. and have a little extra money. i worked there 2 years for $5.25 and Quit but i came back i know that they have some bad mangers but if you all pulle together you can get rid of them. you have to be a team to get them to leave don't back down you will get know were if you do. just know there is no i in team.

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