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Oh God, where do I start with this one...

Posted by: Ryoshi ( Crew, USA ) on February 22, 19100 at 21:33:25:

In Reply to: MACCAS IS ONLY GOOD FOR BLOWING UP posted by Martyn Shipton on February 22, 19100 at 15:36:39:

Ok. First off, McDonald's. We're going to repeat that like 50 times, ok? And then, after you're done with that, try as hard as you can to convince yourself it's not Maccas. McDonald's. Not Maccas, wherever the hell that word came from I don't want to know.

: ok first off I'd like to say great story
: i just finished watching the documentory on the TV o'er here and it ruled

Good for you. Proud to see you watch documentaries. Very educational stuff there.

: now to blowing up maccas

Here we go...

: i say everyone get something explosive like sometjhing
: and kill all them damn stores

Yes. Sometjhing is ten times more explosive than C4. Powerful shit there. By the way. Stores are alive now.

: what my plan to do is get a job there and every person that comes in the store im gonna tell um to pissoff

Really? They're going to hire you.. interesting. I could picture this now.

General Manager: Now, have you ever held a previous job?
You: hehehe fuk you d00dz.

: hehe

No. Really! It WAS funny!

: lets see um fire me

I'm pretty sure they would, and with a reference like that, you'd never hold a job again.

:damn feel sorry for them chicknes they gas an shit and them poor cows :and stuff

What the hell does this mean? We may never know.

: fuck i hate maccas

Fuck. I hate that word 'maccas' too. I wish people would wise up and call the restaurant by it's real name and give some God damn respect to the workers. It's people like this that start all of the rumors and give McDonald's it's bad reputation.

Oh, by the way. Anyone hear the latest load of bullshit? Supposedly a woman let her child play in the ball pen in playland at a McDonald's somewhere. This was all over the newsgroups and stuff. Oh, she made a lot of people feel sorry for the kid too. Supposedly, again, she found a lump on the kid's ass and he started going into convulsions. She says he died later that night of a heroin overdose. Then comes the bullshit of how the ball pen was filled with rotten food and hypodermic needles. I can't believe where people come up with this shit. The people I really feel sorry for are the retarded blind followers that believe it.

So, my question to you is so: Do you really have a reason for hating McDonald's? Obviously, you just said all of that in hopes of acceptance among the ranks of 'disgruntled workers'. Sorry. I won't put up with any of those people, and I don't appreciate posts like yours. Quit harassing a quality restaurant and find a different news board to flame and troll on.

- Ryo Nekora

McSpotlight: So how do you answer to the chief findings of the court on the 19th of June 1997; that McDonald's exploited children and their parents; exploited their workers, knowingly promoted unhealthy food and were guilty of culpable cruelty to animals?

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