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McDonalds has a way of stifling negative opinion...

Posted by: interupt ( Perth, Australia ) on February 23, 19100 at 17:28:50:

In Reply to: Just some comments... posted by Kristy on February 23, 19100 at 14:04:18:

: : (being) greeted at the door.
: McDonalds has a policy called the "2 Metre Rule" meaning whenever a member of staff is within 2 metres of a customer, they should smile and greet them. I often greet customes as they enter the store. What about when you are served? Are you not met with a smile and a cheerful

Well it has been a while since Ive been to one. On occassion there has been an employee too busy to observe this 2m rule, but then again nobody is perfect. Verrry interesting you talk about the two meter rule, because that is used in psychology in regards to personal space and social interaction.

: : Sat down
: I'm sure if you are old enough to rabble on as you do, you are quite capable of sitting on a chair without assistance.

Heh....cheap shot, but what I really meant to say was that it is a personal touch that a waiter shows you to your seat and you have an opportunity to sit your partner down or have the waiter do that for you. Im sure if I attempted to move those McDonalds chairs BOLTED to the floor in some restraunts, Id crush my poor frail back (Im 24 to give you a clue)

: : Asked to review a menu, not have to worry about the millions of people behind you chucking a snot because you can't decide.
: Are you not provided with clear and consise menu boards which are able to be seen from quite a distance. There is no need for you to stand in line if you wish to read the menu.

Yep you are quite correct. Those bright bright primary coloured menus, that are clearly aimed at children, can be seen quite a distance away. But I still stand by my comments that you are hard pressed into making a choice.

: : Be able to talk to your friend or partner without incessant noise.
: So by this you mean that any other restaurant with McDonald's high volume of customers is silent? I'm afraid the last time I dined at an expensive restaurant, there was as much noise as in my McDonald's store.

Yeah you are right it does depend upon the restraunt you visit. But people go to those restraunts for the culture. I love going to Italian and Greek because that kind of chatter (which I don't understand a single word) has a certain feel. Mangers shouting at the top of their voices for their staff to "Pull their finger out and get that stuff to the customers?" kind of puts people off....

: McDonald's restaurants are designed specifically so that you can view exactly how your burger is made. Peer into the kitchen, you're meant to. I'm sure you will find that everything is satisfactory. I can't recall ever being able to see how my food was cooked at a more expensive restaurant anyway! Unless you go to a Japanese grill, your chef could have scraped the meat from a bin and spat in it for all you know.

Hmm certainly that is a valid point, but McDonalds has a way of stifling negative opinion.......

By the way, it is a common misconception that the grill marks were applied after the cooking process.This is false. The chicken patties came to our store with the grill marks on them already...they were then further cooked on our GRILLS.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The ACCC didn't think so did it?! They pulled your misleading adds because they said FRESHLY GRILLED....didn't they. Whether or not the patties were grilled or steamed, and the marks painted on is irrelevant, as various health departments chucked a huge stink over recooking chicken that has been frozen. My god an entire hospital catering department is shut down if the health department finds out about that kind of thing is going on. I personally wouldnt eat chicken left over an hour (Sorry vegans but I do eat meat). The point I make here is even if you grill a pre-cooked chicken pattie, if it is not cooked correctly then it becomes a salmonela pattie...THAT IS A FACT, and you can produce NO evidence that every grilled chicken pattie has been fully cooked to health department standards in McDonalds.

: If you are unsatisfied with your meal, tell us and we will replace it for you free of charge.

Ah but can you get a partial refund on your meal. Yes I agree with you that people come in, eat their meal and then complain.

: I don't quite understand what you you mean by that. We have had fresh tomatoes in our burgers for years. (McFeast, McOz)They are cut prior to them being put into your burger.

Sorry a bit vague. But the McFeast and McOz have only recently cropped up, and they were SPECIAL MEAL DEALS for ages before they became standard. Does the Big Mac have Tomato? Yep the sauce. The the Quarter Pounder have tomato? yep the sauce. See where I am going with this

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