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What I think of working at maccas

Posted by: allan ( Australia ) on February 23, 19100 at 17:30:15:

Thought I'd write here after watching a doco about this last night

I am 18 and have worked for macca's for 3.5yrs. I agree that the company plays dirty - i know they manipulate children through ads and stuff - even McHappy Day is used to sell more stuff. I know that they destroy the Amoazon and are cruel to animals - yet i still don't mind working for them.

The store I work at is good - I get fair hours and am paid for exactly the amount of time I have worked and have never been told to go home from a shift. Most of the managers respect us and we get along well. It may get busy but it's never hard work.

I'm at uni and i don't see maccas as long term - I think people are wrong to look at it like that. Sure the pay is bad for full-time crew compared to other jobs but for a person like me it is damn good for some extra cash while I'm at school. the hours are also far more flexible than at a supermaket for example.

What i don't like is the head-office know-alls who look at a store based on the stupid P&L statement sitting in front of them. We used to be franchise. The owner was tight - but he knew when money needed to be spent. Now, under the company, every month is continually about reducing costs and increasing revenues - some minor things like broke taps aren't fixed for 6 months because "they don't have the money" - yet the company requires us to buy all new equipment because its not to current standard - what a croc. Maybe these head office guys should spend more time in store so their decicisons are based on reality rather than a textbook.

So, thats my (very long-winded) opinion - hope it didn't bore you to death.

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