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Posted by: Fiona McKinley ( Australia ) on February 24, 19100 at 12:32:41:

I've only worked at McDonald's for six months, and though I enjoy working there (take some time to pick your jaw up off the floor), the one thing that gets to me is the perception some people have that McDonald's employees are just brainless robots.
When I was working last Sunday, a customer I was serving remarked to her friend, "They have to smile and seem all chirpy. They're robots; it's all programmed into them. They haven't even got the ability to think for themselves." I was quite offended by that, but as there was a manager on the register next to mine, I couldn't even point out to her that she was wrong (the customer is always right). She was one of many customers I've served who've acted like I was stupid - I've had lots of people talk slowly to me like I'm intellectually diasbled or something. Even on McSpotlight there is an article which mentions the six steps of service, saying, "Ever wonder why all the (McDonald's) kids smile? They're programmed to."

While there are also people who'll smile, stop for a chat if we're not busy and make the job more worthwhile, one predjudiced customer can erase the good mood I get into after serving a few nice people.

So what I'm saying is, leave the crew members out of your protest against the old Golden Arches - we can speak - and most certainly think - for ourselves, thank you.

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