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A possible solution

Posted by: Fiona McKinley on February 24, 19100 at 12:36:55:

In Reply to: Discrimination at Mcd's posted by Albert on February 23, 19100 at 16:13:42:

: I work at an inner west mcdonalds in sydney and the owner is very discriminitory. i'm 20 years old and have worked for a couple of years now, so i pretty much know how to do the job. on numerous occations when a 15, 16 or 17 year old wants to swap a shift with me, we are denied simply because of the age differance, i used to get sunday night shifts every week, but since my birthday i've had none, i stopped getting public holiday shifs when i turned 19 and when i turn 21 i will stop getting as many shifts as i want as i've seen happen to everyone i started working with when i started(unless i become a manager and am forced to quit university as the owner won't hire part time managers) The managers tell me the only reason why they won't give me shifts is because of age to my face, and if that isn't age discrimination, i don't know what is

This may sound crazy, but a friend of mine tried it at our store, with pretty good results.

At electronics stores, you can get recording devices that will fit in your pocket. Some are as little as $10-$20, and though they don't actually record on tape, you can then play them into a tape recorder. Hide it in your pocket (you can't do this when you're working because the uniforms don't have pockets), go into the manager's office at your store, making sure you press record before you go in so they don't know you're taping them. If you can get them on tape saying they're not giving you any shifts because of your age, there are all sorts of legal complications that will follow. You can now either
a) tell them to give you more work or you'll take them to court for age discrimination or

b) go ahead and take them to court anyway.

The second option is harder if you can't prove it's them on the tape. But usually they'll be scared enough at the thought of legal action that you'll get your way.

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