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Posted by: Fiona McKinley ( Australia ) on February 28, 19100 at 12:06:03:

In Reply to: It is as bad as everyone says posted by Daniel on February 27, 19100 at 17:04:50:

: Ive been employed at a hungry jacks store (which for all of those who dont know it is the australian version of burger king)
: It is as bad as everyone says, and i have had friends who have worked at mcdonalds too and they tell the same stories, not only is the way you are treated appaling, but the sanitary issues are often worse, they have all the coloured signs saying" blah blah this is the safe way to do it" BUT
: when u first get there and do it that way you are told by the managers "dont bother","unless the regional manager comes into the store dont bother, it wont harm anyone anyway."
: (and i quote those statements)
: it isnt good at all, when i worked at this store there were casuals who would( for a unknown reason) spit in the burgers for fun of some sort, not only could this end up making you sick but also you could catch a desease very easily.. the burgers are warm, the germs will breed, has anyone heard of the words, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS or fluid transmitted deseases???
: not at this store.. this was so bad that while every casual was on thier break time if they wanted a burger or some fries, THEY WOULD ACTUALLY MARK THE PATTIE AND THE BUN BEFORE THEY PUT THEM THROUGH THE GRILLER, TO MAKE SURE THEY DIDNT GET ONE THAT SOMEONE HAD SPAT ON!!!!!
: since my leaving the store i havent had hungry jacks again, when i walk into the store i cant buy anything because i worry where it has been...
: This is not just about hungry jacks or burger king.. this is the exact same events that my friends who work at mcdonalds tell me about.
: the best thing any of us could do is simply never to eat there again, and tell everyone about it.Then we will see who is gonna make the money....

Yes, maagers often say, "Don't do it like that," "Don't bother," etc. If anyone's safety is at risk, I complain, and if my safety is at risk, I refuse. However, in regads to you comment about getting hepatitis or AIDS from a burger, suely you know that HIV/AIDS can't be transmitted through saliva? And even if they'd bled into the burger (or wanked onto it, though that'd be pretty obvious) you'd still need a substantial amount of blood to actually get infected. There have been a few cases where it's transmitted through only a drop of blood, they're rare. I can tell you that my parents are both doctors, and I've asked them about this, but as I'm just words on a screen to you, it's perfectly reasonable not to believe me. However, as what I'm saying is true, if you go to any medical website they'll tell you the same thing.

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