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I hate everything about it!!

Posted by: annonymous ( Australia ) on February 29, 19100 at 13:56:34:

i have been working at Hungry Jack's (store in sydney) and i must say that it is ok, except when a certain fat lump of laziness is on as manager. Dont get me wrong, i have nothing against the fat in society (no offence, i mean, im not exactly perfect), but this manager sits in the staff room with a swab on his head when he has a headache, yet when one of the crew is pretty ill (one girl was throwing up once) and he wouldnt let her go home, even though we were dead and there was enough crew on!!

enough about that though.........other than the shit pay, shit management, shit customers, shit service.......whats left?? oh yea the crew, i love it!!

if u ever consider getting a job there, seek medical attention and admit yourself to a mental institution......once your in, you'll never get out..............ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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