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Posted by: paul (not giving last name) ( Canada ) on March 02, 19100 at 10:34:45:

At DeerValley Mc.Donalds of Calgary, I have worked for about a year. To begin, it is a nice place to work with good wages (starting at $6 canadian) and i am still working there today. I am a punk, and so many may call me a hippocrate for working at my mc.donalds. I am supposed to be anti-organization, but i view myself as helping out Mc.Donalds in many ways. One day, i was asked to run out the garbage, and to do this, you must tear apart every cardboard box and put the pieces seperate to take it out. Well, you would think that this was for environmental issues, but in fact, it is to simplify the workload. I notices that we must have had 100 pounds of cardboard per day at our Mc.Donalds, if not more. When i did the math, it worked out to 700 hundred pounds a week, or nearly 35000 pounds a year. Considering all of the Mc.Donalds in Canada alone, and the world, plus all of the other restaurants who compete with Mc.Donalds, it is rediculous! Whats more, there are recycling bins less than 5 minuts away from our mcdonalds, and many of the workers are required to drive anyways. The question that i am bringing up is, why the hell are they wasting so much? Sadly, there is no answer besides that they don't care to pay employees to do it. I swore that as soon as i had my own car, i would take the cardboard and the PLASTIC to the recycling bins myself. I am hoping that maybe being a Mc.Donalds employee will be something to be proud of.

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