Quick 5-Day Meal Plan

It's not all rabbit food being vegetarian or vegan. If you're thinking about not eating meat you could print out this page of gorgeous food and show it to your mum and dad. You never know, they might even go vegetarian too.

KNOW YOUR ONIONS A more in-depth guide to veggie/ vegan nutrition.


Breakfast Wholemeal toast, Marmite or peanut butter, Cereal with soya milk

Lunch Vegetable pasty & mixed salad, Apple or banana, Muesli bar or shortbread

Dinner Spaghetti bolognese (made with soya mince) topped with grated soya cheese, Fruit salad & soya cream



Breakfast Large bowl of porridge with soya milk & added dried fruit & nuts

Lunch Baked beans on toast, Fresh fruit salad

Dinner Cashew nut roast, potatoes, broccoli, carrots & peas, Apple pie & soya dessert



Breakfast Wholemeal toast with tahini & Marmite

Lunch Bread rolls filled with salad & vegetable pate, Packet of crisps, Banana or apple

Dinner Pasta with a 3 bean sauce, with roast aubergine and courgette. Roast chestnuts and a hot soyamilk and chocolate drink.



Breakfast Porridge oats made with soya milk & added nuts & dried fruit, Wholemeal toast & jam

Lunch Sandwiches with humous & salad, Vegan yoghurt. Digestive biscuits, Orange or banana

Dinner Vegetable curry with rice & popadoms, Sliced mango & soya cream



Breakfast Wholemeal toast with fried mushrooms, fresh sliced tomatoes & baked beans

Lunch Large French stick filled with soya cheese, pickle & salad, Slice of homemade chocolate cake, Apple or banana

Dinner Vegetable stir fry including tofu marinated in soya sauce, mushrooms, onions, green & red peppers, sweetcorn and beansprouts on a bed of brown rice, fresh fruit salad & soya ice cream