If you feel really angry about what McDonald's are doing then why not do something about it?
  • Get together with some of your friends and think of a name for your group. (What about 'Kids Against Big Mac'?)
  • Write to us (adress below) and we will send you all the information you need about McDonalds. We can also give you the names and addresses of other kids doing the same as you.
  • Read through all the information we send you. It might be a good idea to let your parents read it too so they know what you're doing.
  • Decide on some aims for your group - do you want to tell other people about McDonald's? do you want to help people become vegetarian? do you want to stop people damaging the environment?

Once you have decided some aims, think about how you as a group are going to achieve this.

  • You could print some leaflets and hand them out at school or wherever you see lots of people.
  • You could make some banners and placards to tell people what's wrong with McDonald's
  • If you're feeling very creative, you could write a play or some songs or start a debating group at school to discuss McDonald's, the environment and the treatment of animals. The more people you tell about what McDonald's are doing, the better!
  • Get in contact with other groups similar to yours - there are loads of vegetarian kids looking for penfriends and the more support you get the better.
  • You might want to raise some money for your campaign - you may need it for to buy things like paints, cloth for costumes, stamps for letter writing and so on.

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