McLibel Internet site hit by thousands worldwide

by John Cryer

The Tribune; 15th March 1996 (UK)

The public across the world is accessing information that the McDonald's fast food giant would rather keep quiet - there have been around 750,00 visits to the site since it was opened on February 16.

The site was opened because of the libel trial involving the McLibel Two - unemployed Dave Morris and Helen Steel - who are defending themselves against the top flight legal team of the $26 billion multi-national.

McDonald's is suing the two environmental activists over a factsheet entitled What's Wrong with McDonald's , which was produced by London Greenpeace.

The new site can be accessed on and Tribune can reveal the main server in Holland has already been accessed 380,000 times, while the total number of hits worldwide is estinmated at double that number.

The corporation itself accessed the site nearly 2,000 times in the first week.

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