Animal Rights Protesters Raid a McDonald's
3 Arrested
San Diego, California

Union Tribune

17th October 1998

Three people were arrested on suspicion of vandalism and trespassing last night after dozens of animal-rights protesters swarmed into a McDonald's restaurant in Hillcrest, chanting slogans and urging diners to stop eating meat. "What do we want? Animal liberation!" protesters yelled inside the business, until restaurant managers called police. "When do we want it? Now!"

More than 20 police officers converged on the demonstration, which moved from the restaurant to the parking lot and sidewalk. One protester, dressed in a red and yellow clown suit with a skull-face mask, climbed the latticework above the outdoor playground and shouted slogans above the din. Police had to call in the Fire Department to get the man down safely; he was arrested on suspicion of trespassing.

The vandalism allegation came from a McDonald's worker, who police said made a citizen's arrest after a protester tore down various Halloween decorations inside the restaurant lobby. Customers leaving with food were taunted. "Did somebody say McMurder?" one man yelled. "Enjoy your dead-cow sandwich!" said another. The animal-rights activists conduct such demonstrations to protest the killing of animals and the clearing of rain forests to make room for grazing land.

U.S. Arrests in McDeath Protest (US)

Three activists were arrested Friday night (16th October) during a demonstration at McDonald's in San Diego, one of hundreds being held around the world as part of "World Day of Action Against McDonald's.

All three are being held in juvenile hall on unspecified charges - but thought to be trespassing.

Witnesses said police hauled one activist from the roof where he was demonstrating, and that another activist was also arrested for no apparent reason. A third was battered, and then citizen-arrested by an unknown non-police officer.

There are some reports of police brutality - the use of "numb chucks" against one of the junveniles.

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