Curriculum Vitae

name: Dan Mills
date of birth: 1968
occupation: Working as part of McLibel Support Campaign.

previous experience:

  • Co-author of 'The Vegan Guide to New York'.

  • Interviewed and quoted for an article in Squall entitled 'Climbing Mountains'.

  • Interviewed and quoted for an article dated 15/4/95 in the Guardian entitled 'Big Mac versus the little people'.

    1987 - 91: University & Law College
    1991 - 92: Travelled in East Africa, India, Nepal, SE Asia & Andean countries of South America
    1992 - 94: Worked as trainee solicitor in law firm. Posted to New York office for 6 months
    March 1994: Began involvement with McLibel Support Campaign

    I became concerned about nutrition, environmental and animal welfare issues during my time at university, which is when I adopted a vegetarian diet. Through my experiences during my year backpacking, my outlook on all aspects of life changed considerably. I became a vegan in 1992 and, while I was living in New York, I became actively involved in the animal rights movement. A friend and I wrote and self-published The Vegan Guide to New York City which has sold thousands of copies. While training to be a solicitor, I realised I would not be happy until I was working for an end that I was committed to. I became the McLibel office coordinator in May 1994 and haven't looked back since!


  • "We need a society based on co-operation and sharing between people, and between people and the rest of nature."

  • "Peace, love, solidarity, compassion."