Curriculum Vitae

name: Siegfried Pater
date of birth: 26/02/1945
relevance: Environmental Expert

previous experience:

  • Author of the book: "McDonald's Takes a Large Bite".

  • Producer of the Film: "The Soya Bean Complex".

  • He is a Brazilian expert, and has spent two years working as a development assistant, and undertaken 16 long investigative journeys to Brazil.

  • Former member of the management committee of the German (3rd World) Development Agency*, Berlin.

  • Executive Board Member of the Zenrich-Boll-Foundation, Koln

  • Managing Director of the Bureau of Advice Concerning Latin America, Bonn.

  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Working Party "Learn and Help in Overseas", Bonn.

  • Founder Member of the Federal Congress for (3rd World) Development or political action groups*, Hamburg and others


    I am able to show the link between the expansion of the biggest fast food chain, the worldwide expanding corporation McDonlad's (McD) and the escalation of the hunger in the world. Whereas in Brazil about half of the population suffers of hunger, soya is not been sold or distributed to the people. But is for export where it will be fed to McD cattle.

    Today in Brazil about 20% of the farmland is used for soya. According to a study from the university of Sao Paulo, Brazil these areas were used in earlier days to over 80% to produce food supplies like rice, beans, manjok. In those days, you needed 6-8 times the manpower: the direct consequence for the people in Brazil: starvation and unemployment.