Curriculum Vitae

name: David Rose
occupation: Employed by The Observer as a reporter
relevance: Has had conversations with McDonald's Press Officer regarding deforested land

previous experience:

  • He has been employed by The Observer as Home Affairs Correspondent for two and a half years.

  • Prior to working for The Observer, he worked for the Guardian for seven years.


    My clear understanding is that until 1988, there was no formulated policy as to the time which must have elapsed since the forest was cleared before beef cattle farmland could be used to produce McDonald's patties. I asked the firm's spokeswoman what the previous state of affairs was and she said that land which had been rainforest 10 years earlier might have been employed before 1988. I was insistent to establish her exact meaning, and asked whether this meant that in Costa Rica, land which was rainforest in the mid-1970s could have been used to grow McDonald's beef in the mid 1980s, and she replied in the affirmative.