Curriculum Vitae

name: Professor Ronald Walker
occupation: Professor of Food Science,
Food Safety Group,
School of Biological Sciences,
University of Surrey,
relevance: Professor of Food Science

previous experience:


Present Appointment: Professor of Food Science, Food Safety Group, School of Biological Sciences University of Surrey, GUILDFORD, GU2 5XH United Kingdom

Previous Appointments:

1960-1962 Chemist-in-charge C.W.S. Ltd Preserves Group

1963-1970 Lecturer National Colloge of Food Technology University of Reading

1970-1972 Lecturer Department of Biochemistry Univeristy of Surrey

1972-1986 Reader in Food Science Toxicology Department of Biochemistry University of Surrey

Membership of Scientific Societies:

Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Member of: Biochemical Society British Toxicology Society Society of Chemical Industry

Extra mural activities

1. International Committees

Joint WHO/FAO Expert Committee on Food Additives: served as WHO Temporary Advisor from 1981 to 1992. Member and Chairman, 1993

International Programm on Chemical Safety (WHO,International Labour Organisation and U.N. Environmental Programme):

member and rapporteur of an ad hoc Working Group on Uptdating Methodology for Testing and Assessing Chemicals in Food, 1983 to 1987.

member of ad hoc Working Group drafting Environmental Health Critera

Monograph on General Principles and Methods for Chemical Safety (Human Health Protection), 1993 to date.

Joint WHO/FAO Meeting on Chemicals in Food, Food Standards and Food Trade 1991: served as Temporary Adviser to WHO Secretariat

Europe Commission; Scientific Committee for Food:

Member of ad hoc Working Group on Nitrates, Nitrites and N-nitrosamines, 1988-90.

2. National Government Committees:

U.K. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: member of the MAFF Advisory Committee on Food Safety Research, 1984-1985.

U.K Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food and AFRC:

Chairman, Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Research Consultative Committee, 1988-1989.

U.K. Department of Health: Member, Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes. 1988 - to date. Member, Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment. 1989 - to date.

Member Novel Foods Panel, Committee on Medical Aspects of Food Policy

3. Other

Chairman, International Life Sciences Institute (Europe) Scientific Committee on Toxicology

Editor of the Journal "Food Additives and Contaminants" Member, Editorial Board, "Trends in Food Science and Technology".

Research Interests

These interests lie within the general field of food toxicology and food safety assurance. Specific areas of current research include:

1. the role of the gastro-intestinal tract and gut microflora in the metabolism and toxicology of food additives and contaminants;

2. the formation and toxicological significance of interaction products formed from food components/additives during processing and cooking (including mutagenic pyrolysis products formed on heating, and interaction products of sulphites and of nitrates in foods);

3. Mechanisms of action of food borne mutagens and antimutagens;

4. Peroxisome proliferation and its significance in the toxicology of some terpenoid food flavours and of packaging materials.

Collaborative research programmes have been/are being undertaken with the British Industrial Biological Research Association, the Istituto Nazionale della Nutrizione, Rome, and the Institut fur Tierphysiologie und Tierenahrung der Georg-August Universitat zu Gotingen, FDR.


More than 120 publications related to the toxicology and safety evalution of food additives and contaminants. In additiona, prepared toxicological monographs for WHO published in WHO Food Additive Series.