Hey min! Fit's es yir seyin?
Leyin doon it 'Mc's yir ain.
Wha gaed ee the richt tae tak
Scottish names fae times richt back?

Noo I wis born wie name McDonald
an sae it happens the first ane's Ronald
an at's mi father's name in aa,
Tho ee micht think it's yird be law.

Noo years afore U.S.. of A.
haed ivver seen the licht o day.
A file afore yir wis founded
O'er the Hielens oor name resounded.

Lang afore yir clown caa'd Ronald
Alba was ruled bi clan McDonald.
Mi birth-lnes sey they're copyright
sae yir claim tae 'Mc's a loada dryte.

Maist Scots waed say it waed be wise
tae stick tae servin up French Fries.
an lose yir carpet-bagger wyes
lest claymore cut ye doon tae size.

Prood Scotland boasts baith Mcs and Macs
Recordet history haes the facks.
Tae Yankee ways we'll pay nae heed,
Sae aff ye go an bile yir heid.

Tae foreign foe we've nivver knelt,
for Scotland's name oor bluid's been skelt,
See you, Big Mac, an aa yir ilk,
Gang hame, an yodel up yir kilt.
Ye chikky burgers!

Tae McDonald's Restaurants Ltd - RealAudio version.

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