witness statement

name: Georg Haneke
section: Environment
for: The Defence
experience: Speaker on a panel with a meat supplier of McDonald's


The witness states clearly that the dairy cattle used as beef for McDonalds burgers were raised on soya products.


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Witness statement - Georg Haneke (translation from the original in German)

I, Georg Haneke, born on 5.2.62, hereby declare that on 18 May 90 in Rosenheim, Bavaria Mr Schentz, the then manager / managing director of the company Sudfleisch (Southmeat), sole suppliers of McDonald's in Germany, declared during a panel discussion on the subject of fast food, that the meat used by McDonald's comes mainly from dairy cattle which have been fed on soya products. Mr Schentz further said that McDonald's themselves are not able to tell the exact origin of the cows which come to his firm for processing.

I myself also took part in the panel discussion as a speaker.

date signed: February 10, 1993
status: Read out in court
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