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Your chance to sample the most important, scandalous, relevant, irreverent and irresistable bits of McSpotlight with no more effort than the occasional click of your mouse.

Navigating the Tour:
This tour has been updated to use the Frames feature of modern web browsers (eg Netscape 2.0 and Internet Explorer v3), and will currently only work for those using Frames capable browsers (an esitmated 75% of users). This was done so that the tour would always display the latest version of the pages being visited (the old method used copies of the pages as they were when the tour was first created). Unfortunatly, the changes also mean that you can no-longer use the 'next stop' icons as instructed in the RealAudio naration, instead you must select the next stop from the list displayed on the left (you'll figure it out).

Different browsers and modems load pages at different speeds, so if you find that you're lagging behind or getting ahead of the audio, simply adjust the defendants' verbal flow using your RealAudio controller. You can jump off the tour at any point by following a link on one of the pages you visit. To stick to the tour, just follow the prompts to proceed to the next stop.

Okay, lets begin: Start the audio first.... and then go to the first stop on the tour

The realaudio naration that accompanies the tour is now out of date. For example; over one hundred more days in court have occured, around 180 witnesses heard, , and the trial has now broken the record for the longest British trial. We hope to persuade the McLibel defendants to record another tour early in 1997 - until then, this will have to do.


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