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A global forum for discussion and debate about McDonald's and all they stand for.

All of the messages have been imported from the old debate into this one, and all the trees have been preserved, but some of the new stuff isn't switched on yet. Please bear with us if you can't find your messages; the search and 'view tree' options will help.

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for general discussion on our favourite multinational. any aspect of their business practices or philosophy is fair game, unless it would sit better in one of the rooms below.

McJobs and Workers
this one is for people who work at McDonald's, or used to. Feel free to use it for union meetings, discussion of pay and working conditions and anything else that you're not allowed to do at work.

some court case or other. Anything about the trial, the issues it covered, the stink it caused and those plucky defendants.

all about the site: suggestions, complaints, flattery and rude remarks about how long the debating room took to rebuild.

catch up on what everyone is doing and start your own spot of bother here.

Do you agree with the McLibel judge that McDonald's "exploit children" with their advertising? This is the room for talk about - or among - younger customers.

Creative Writing
a showcase for work. Supposed to be vaguely to do with mcdonald's. It tends not to be hymns of praise.

Other Multinationals
nobody ever claimed that mcdonald's was the only scorched-earth-nice-logo conglomerate. Just the stupidest. This room is for talking about the others...

Capitalism and Alternatives
...and if that's not broad enough, this one is about the whole mercenary edifice, its consequences and opponents.

Anything Else
like it says. If your thoughts don't fit into any of the other rooms, put them in here and see what happens.

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The Debating Room is a collection of moderated discussion groups. Messages do not appear immediately as they are reviewed before being added. They will normally be up by the next day. All opinions and points of view are welcome. However, abusive or irrelevant posts will be rejected.

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