Burger King in the McSpotlight
Grand Metropolitan: 20 St James Square, London, UK SW1Y 4RR

Burger King (unlike McDonald's) have not yet been stupid enough to sue anyone (that we know of) for libel, and therefore we obviously don't have anywhere near as much information on them. Should they actually take anyone to court we will no doubt obtain plenty of information but until then, please feel free to donate any information you might have.

Burger King UK was given plenty of media attention last year when it emerged that they were operating 'zero-hour' contracts which meant that workers were not getting paid for periods while at work in which they had no work to do. They were expected to unpaid in the staff room until they were needed. They claim to have put a stop to this practice, but should you know different, or have any articles about this practise, please let us know.

A Burger King branch in Baltimore (reported as being one of America's most violent cities) was issuing receipts printed with coupons for a local gun shop. The coupons read: "Good for one free box of ammo with gun purchase." A police spokesman said: "We feel they're sending out the wrong message." Burger Kings head office quickly banned the promotion, saying:"It's not the image we like to be associated with." Gun shop boss Tim Watson, having apparently forked out stlg10,000 for the adverts, says that he'll sue.

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