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Janssen Pharaceutica is the manufacturer of Hismanal, a widely prescribed antihistamine which is also available over-the-counter in Malaysia. A report in The Lancet 29/8/92, stated that Hismanal may have adverse reactions such as heart problems when the recommended does is exceeded or when it interacts with other drugs. Since July 1992, Janssen has been required to warn US doctors of its potential dangers, but Malaysian doctors have not been informed. In the USA, 13 deaths and 95 heart problems associated with the drug have been reported to the FDA.

McNeil was on a 1990 list submitted to the US Congress by the Generic Pharmaceutical Industry of companies accused of fraudulent and deceptive practices. It was accused of suppression of acute renal injury data associated with the use of Suprol (withdrawn in 1987), failure to disclose reports of severe/fatal renal damage with Flexin, Paraflex, and Triurate, and dismissal of researchers for refusing to withhold allergic reaction data on its analgesic Zomax (withdrawn 1983).

Johnson & Johnson is part of the pharmaceutical industry.

It is not only the specific practices of individual companies that cause problems. The attitudes created by the currrent system of exploitation gives power and profits to the few, at the expense of people, animals and the environment. It is important to expose the unethical practices of specific companies as their behaviour is often indicative of the entire system.

What's Wrong With ?
Irresponsible Marketing

Irresponsible marketing

In 1990, Johnson & Johnson were criticised for their marketing of Imodium anti-diarrhoea drops to children in Pakistan. According to J&J, the drops were given to 19 infants. :There were side effects as a result of serious overdosing in these cases and six of these children died." Johnson & Johnson withdrew the drops from the Pakistan in March 1990 and undertook to withdraw them in other Third World countries.

[The Ethical Consumer Guide to Everyday Shopping  published by the Ethical Consumer Research Association.]

Animal Suffering

Abusing animals

Johnson & Johnson was the fifth largest user of animals in test in 1988 and the ninth largest user of animals without anaesthetic in tests considered painful.

[The Ethical Consumer Guide to Everyday Shopping  published by the Ethical Consumer Research Association.]

Credits and References: Most of the information in this section was taken from The Ethical Consumer Guide to Everyday Shopping  published by the Ethical Consumer Research Association. 

Opposition and Campaigns

Exploitation and profiteering do not need to exist. A better way of running our lives can be created based on the sharing of resources and on respect for each other and for nature. Increasingly people are questioning and challenging those with power and are seeking alternatives. Let's hope it's possible to make a difference.

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Products and brandnames:

Sanitary Protection: Carefree, Vespre
Shampoos and soaps: Empathy, Johnson's Baby Lotion
Baby products: own brand range of products

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One Johnson & Johnson Plaza
New Brunswick
NJ 08933
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  • Email address(es): postmaster@jnj.com
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