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Altana Industrie Aktien und Anlagen:
D-6380 Bad Homburg vdH, Seedammweg 55, Germany
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The company at the centre of the recent salmonella scare in the UK, Milupa is now owned by Nutricia. The outbreak of salmonella in the UK caused a whole line of their products to be withdrawn from every shelf in the UK and has added to the calls to curb the activities of baby-feed manufacturers in general. Under its old guise of Altana it produced; Aptamil, Milumil and Milupa, one of the major violators of the WHO Code, Nutricia still run all these lines and it was under their management that the salmonella scare occurred. It has also been found to be totally or substantially violating several sections concerning labelling, promotion in healthcare facilities, promotion to healthcare workers, giving free samples and the marketing of soft foods.

Milupa has also been criticised for its marketing of heavily sugared baby herbal drinks. In December 1990, a Frankfurt court ordered the company to pay compensation to parents for causing severe dental caries in two children. The company was accused of negligence and providing insufficient warning on packaging about the sugar content of its products. About 100,000 children are said to have suffered severe tooth damage from these drinks marketed by Milupa and other producers.

Most recently Milupa has also been criticised in a report by the International Formula Monitoring Group for adopting bad practices in relation to marketing its formulas, particularly in Poland.

Contact details:
Milupa Ltd.
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Middx. UB 10 ONE
United Kingdom

Tel.: +44 181 573 9966 Fax: +44 181 569 2175

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