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In 1990, the US Generic Pharmaceutical Industry listed Pfizer as one of the companies accused of fraudulent and deceptive practices for its failure to report severe side effects of its Feldene drug before it obtained US approval.

Shiley Inc marketed a heart valve between 1979 and 1986. Taking only Pfizers' figures, at least 394 of these valves ruptured causing 252 deaths by 1990. Shiley allegedly knew of the valve's faults but continued to market whilst trying to right them. 82,000 of these valve's are implanted world-wide. The US magazine Multinational Monitor listed Pfizer as one of the ten worst companies in 1988 following this saga. Pfizer has still not directly contacted the valve recipients. In January 1991, a suit was filed against the company in the USA on behalf of 55,000 valve recipients.

Pfizer Inc. is part of the pharmaceutical industry.

It is not only the specific practices of individual companies that cause problems. The attitudes created by the currrent system of exploitation gives power and profits to the few, at the expense of people, animals and the environment. It is important to expose the unethical practices of specific companies as their behaviour is often indicative of the entire system.

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In 1992, Greenpeace listed a Pfizer plant as one of the ten worst polluters in the South East of England. The plant had breached its discharge consent four times since the beginning of 1991 and also discharged ten chemicals for which it did not have a permit, including organochlorines (see WEN report on Chlorine).

Pfizer was the target of a Greenpeace campaign in 1988 for dumping industrial waste in Eire, and a US group listed Pfizer as one of the top fifteen corporate contributors to global pollution, based on 1987 figures.

[The Ethical Consumer Guide to Everyday Shopping  published by the Ethical Consumer Research Association. ]

Animal Suffering

Abusing animals

Pfizer tests cosmetics and drugs on animals. In 1988 alone, the company used 18,398 'recordable' animals in its experiments. The company also produces antibiotics for the dairy industry.

[The Ethical Consumer Guide to Everyday Shopping  published by the Ethical Consumer Research Association. ]

Credits and References: Most of the information in this section was taken from The Ethical Consumer Guide to Everyday Shopping  published by the Ethical Consumer Research Association. 

Opposition and Campaigns

Exploitation and profiteering do not need to exist. A better way of running our lives can be created based on the sharing of resources and on respect for each other and for nature. Increasingly people are questioning and challenging those with power and are seeking alternatives. Let's hope it's possible to make a difference.

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