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Philip Morris Co.s Inc. is one of biggest tobacco companies, with 45% of the U.S. market and 12% of the world market. Tobacco accounts for about 72% (1989 figure) of the company's profits. It's Marlboro brand alone (the world's best selling brand) was estimated to have killed 75,000 Americans in one year. An internal report from Philip Morris confirmed what the Food and Drug Administration and anti-tobacco advocates are saying: Nicotine is a drug.

Americans for Non-smokers' Rights have released a confidential internal Philip Morris memo from 1990 that reveals Pete Wilson, then a candidate for Governor of California, returned $16,000 in contributions that could be directly linked to the tobacco industry, but kept $84,000 that could not be traced to pro-tobacco forces. 2/28/94 "Day One" transcript of its report about nicotine manipulation for which ABC was sued by Philip Morris.

Philip Morris is part of the tobacco industry.

It is not only the specific practices of individual companies that cause problems. The attitudes created by the currrent system of exploitation gives power and profits to the few, at the expense of people, animals and the environment. It is important to expose the unethical practices of specific companies as their behaviour is often indicative of the entire system.

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Oppresive Regimes

Supporting brutal / repressive regimes

Philip Morris licensed South African companies to manufacture Kraft General Food products and Chesterfield cigarettes in South Africa during the years of economic sanctions.

[The Ethical Consumer Guide to Everyday Shopping  published by the Ethical Consumer Research Association. ]

Animal Suffering

Abusing animals

Philip Morris also owns Kraft General Foods, criticised by the BUAV for tests on cats in the development of a 'stomach-friendly' coffee.

[The Ethical Consumer Guide to Everyday Shopping  published by the Ethical Consumer Research Association. ]

Credits and References: Most of the information in this section was taken from The Ethical Consumer Guide to Everyday Shopping  published by the Ethical Consumer Research Association. 

Opposition and Campaigns

Exploitation and profiteering do not need to exist. A better way of running our lives can be created based on the sharing of resources and on respect for each other and for nature. Increasingly people are questioning and challenging those with power and are seeking alternatives. Let's hope it's possible to make a difference.

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