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13/04/02 . Campaigns . Report . FINLAND  
Anti-McDonald's Actions in Finland  
I'm happy to tell you that we've been organizing quite a lot of action against McDonald's here in Finland in the last few weeks.  

There have been protests on Sat 13th April, at least in Oulu and Helsinki, and people all over the country have been interested in acting somehow in their local area.

The most successful idea has been to deliver free vegan burgers outside McDonald's stores, which has been done well over 15 times in the past three years.

In Helsinki we've been updating our web pages (, writing a new Finnish leaflet and translating McSpotlight issues into Finnish. We've plenty of new people in our group and the interest in our message seems to be growing all the time.

And McDonald's seems to have stopped its expansion in Finland, there are actually a couple of restaurants closed last year.

Best wishes,

Garbage / Finland

PL 21
00411 Helsinki

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