- 15th December -
Europe Wide Day Of Action

A campaign to win McDonald's workers the right to be in a trade union. Conditions will only change when unions are recognised & allowed to work freely.

Throughout Europe people are campaigning for a better deal for McDonald's employees.

Of course McDonald's is not the only employer to pay bad wages but it is one of the worst. Campaigns like this have won better conditions in other countries such as Denmark. With "1992" coming workers are working together across Europe to get a better deal.

It's only when people stand up for each other in their union that they can have a say in what happens at work. McDonald's workers have no say.

Buying food here supports poor wages & conditions and allows the continued exploitation of young workers.

Please Boycott McDonald's

Published and organised by the trade union MSF
(Manufacturing, Science and Finance), Freepost MSF,
79 Camden Road, London NW1 9ES.
Telephone 0171 267 4422.

Following the publication of this leaflet, McDonald's brought the union to court. The case was settled outside of court with costs of 100 going to McDonald's. The leaflet was successfully suppressed by McDonald's.