What's Wrong With Ronald McDonald ?

Ronald lies to children

Damaging the earth

Natural forests are cut down for space to raise cows to 'make' meat, or to make paper for packaging

'Fast food' packaging, whether paper or plastic, is chucked away as rubbish. It's not even recycled - what a waste!

Killing animals

Millions of chickens, cows and pigs are cruelly imprisoned and then killed to make meat for burgers and McNuggets - but we don't have to eat meat at all

Harming your health

'Junk food' (like hamburgers, shakes and fries) is not good for you. It has lots of fat, sugar, salt and additives in it, but little fresh fruit, vegetables or salad

Robbing the poor

Lots of land in poor countries is used for cows, or to grow grain to feed cows, so hungry people can't grow food for themselves.


or by adverts and 'free' toys

What you can do

  • Try to eat healthy food
  • Show your friends this leaflet
  • Make copies to give out at school

You can help save the environment!

You can help stop cruelty to animals!

Note: McDonald's spend nearly 2 billion dollars each year on advertising, promotional gimmicks and propaganda. This leaflet is an attempt to put over the truth. There's much more to say - about how McDonald's exploits their workers with hard work, low pay and no Trade Union rights...about how the company pretends to support kids and the community, but only seeks to get more publicity and more customers etc. It's not just McDonald's - all big companies are similar. It's up to us to think for ourselves and to get together to make the world a better place.
Help launch a NETWORK FOR KIDS AGAINST McDONALD'S. More leaflets and information from:
  • LONDON GREENPEACE : 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 (0171 713 1269)
  • McSPOTLIGHT (on the Internet) : http://www.mcspotlight.org/
  • VIVA! (about vegetarianism) : 12 Queen Square, Brighton, BN1 3FD, UK (Tel: 01273 - 777688)