Is a high-fat, low-fibre diet linked to heart disease and cancer?

Are children being exploited by advertising?

Do McDonald's exploit their low-paid, non-unionised workers?

judge for yourself!

judge for yourself!

Can mountains of disposable packaging be justified?

Are McDonald's responsible for rainforest destruction?

Do the billions of animals raised for the food industry suffer?

Should cattle have priority over indigenous people for land?

"It is claimed to be the 'most comprehensive source of information on a multinational ever assembled' - and that doesn't sound like an exaggeration."
The Guardian


The McSpotlight worldwide web site was launched on Feb 16th 1996 in London, Chicago, Helsinki and Auckland. Its aim is simple - to make freely available across the globe accurate, factual, up-to-date information about the McDonald's Corporation and all they stand for (of pressing importance given their ongoing attempts to silence their critics). In its first month it was accessed over a million times (including 1,300 times by McDonald's themselves) and it has received press coverage all over the world: USA Today (front cover), Channel 4, Times of India, Chicago Tribune, BBC Radio 4, NBC TV, Die Tageszeitung, The Australian, Stem Magazine, The Observer, Independent, LA Weekly, Helsingen Snomat (Finland) etc.

As one of the new breed of Internet sites starting to make full use of the world's most powerful communicating system, McSpotlight combines text, graphics, video and audio into an accessible and interactive package that can be used by campaigners, journalists, researchers, scientists, and surfers alike - not to mention all McDonald's customers and employees wanting to find out the reality behind the Golden Arches.

The infamous McLibel Trial and the issues at its heart (diet and health; destruction of the environment; animal welfare; exploitation of children through advertising and workers through low-pay) provide the focus for the site - but it's not just McDonald's in the McSpotlight. As the most carefully manicured, defensive and possibly the most arrogant ccorporation, they have been used as a symbol of all transnational corporations maximising their profits at he expense of people, animals and the environment.

McSpotlight Key Features: