- Newsletter 01, June 1996 -

Welcome to the first McSpotlight mailing list newsletter.

Before we start, we'd just like to apologise for the complete lack of postings up until now - we have been adding so much new stuff to the site that we have kept putting off writing to the list (wait till the animation/ cartoons/ t-shirts are ready - they'll be soooooo excited). In the future we will be making more regular posts outlining the new additions to the site and the latest goings on related to McDonald's, McLibel and McSpotlight. (And we promise the next one will not be as big as this, either.)

If you have any comments about this newsletter or any of the issues raised by McSpotlight, or you would like to contribute something to the list or become more actively involved in the site, please write to us at the usual address of:

Thanks for subscribing to this list, and also for all the support and encouragement we've received since launching the site in February - it has been greatly appreciated.

In solidarity
The McInformation Network 


As this first newsletter is so long, we've split it into sections:


  • 1. UK TV appearance - McSpotlight is featured on Cyber Cafe, a new series on Meridian TV about the Internet. Late Friday night/Saturday morning (28th June) at 2.40am. Repeated later in the week.

  • 2. Other press - McSpotlight continues to receive plenty of coverage in its own right, and almost all articles about McLibel now carry a mention of the site (usually with the address). The best articles (inc. USA Today, Times of India, The Guardian) are available at:

  • 3. McSpotlight and the McLibel Trial - the launching of McSpotlight by the McLibel 2 is now part of McDonald's evidence against the defendants.

  • 4. McSpotlight T-shirts - the fashion item of the decade has been designed and is presently undergoing extensive market research. Will be available from the site in the very near future (ever tried to download a T-shirt?)

  • 5. McDonald's posters hijacked - activists in London have been adding the McSpotlight url to McDonald's advertising posters across the capital. Superb. [ ]


    We're highlighting some of the best recent additions to the site here. For full details of everything that's gone up in the last few months, please see the 'Latest Additions' page at:
  • 1. Guided Tour of McDonald's Website:
    Our groundbreaking deconstruction of McDonald's corporate website (using Frames to display our criticism and their pages side by side) has been gathering attention all over the net, with plenty of imitators writing in to say they've borrowed our idea (more the merrier, we say). We've just had word that it has won a major award, to be announced shortly:

  • 2. The Debating Room:
    McSpotlight's moderated on-line discussion group has been creating seemingly limitless controversy and heated debate within its four walls:

  • 3. Cartoons:
    The enormous brilliance of our specially commissioned McSpotlight cartoons - "Caught in the McSpotlight"  and "The McSpotlight Hot Seat"  - has to be seen to be fully grasped. They can be found in the gallery (which has also been been updated to speed up download time) at:

  • 4. Animation:
    New on the site this week is a wicked animation suggesting a possible method by which the world could rid itself of the scourge of the giant M:

  • 5. FAQ:
    For all those questions you have about McSpotlight, 'Why was McSpotlight created?' , 'What is so significant about the trial?'  and 'How do I make a donation?' !!!! the FAQ is a timely addition:
    [ leaflets/faq.html]

  • 6. McLibel Press Backgrounder:
    Notes about the trial for journalists/editors. Includes a comprehensive history of the case. []

  • 7. Beyond Beef:
    A comprehensive analysis of the real cost of our beef habit, written and researched by the 'Beyond Beef'  campaign in the States - including rainforest destruction, human diseases, animal suffering, global warming and world hunger:

  • 8. This Week's This Weeks
    (Almost) every week McSpotlight is updated on all the latest news in the following categories:
    • This Week in Court (news from the McLibel Trial)
    • This Week's Campaigning (worldwide protests)
    • This Week in the Media (press coverage)
    • This Week at McDonald's (at Big Mac. corp)
    The latest ones are:

  • 9. Previously suppressed material:


    McSpotlight has been constructed by an international network of volunteers working from 18 different countries. If you would like to become more actively involved in the site, please write to us at: At the moment we are looking for people who might be able to help in the following areas:


    For all the most recent news, please see 'This Week in Court'  on the Case page at
    [] or the press release from the McLibel Support Campaign []

    Some of the highlights are:

    • 1. 2nd Anniversary - tomorrow (Friday 28th June) is the 2nd anniversary of the trial, and there will be a demo outside the court. Check out the McLibel Support Campaign press release for more details:

    • 2. Spies/ police collusion - the trial has been rocked in the last few weeks by revelations from the private investigators who infiltrated the activists' meetings in 1990 - handing out the 'libellous' leaflet themselves, breaking in to the office, stealing letters and so on. One of them, Fran Tiller, has even swopped sides, and is now giving evidence for the defendants! See her statement at:
      [ witnesses/publication/tiller_francis.html]

      The court also heard how McDonald's were being given information about the activists by the Special Branch!
      See: []

    • 3. Helen and Dave in the witness box - the two defendants, Helen Steel and Dave Morris, will be going into the witness box next week to be cross-examined by McDonald's QC Richard Rampton. They would greatly appreciate support from the public - the court is open to visitors each day. See 'Come to Court'  for travel and time details:

    • 4. An end in sight? - The latest estimate for an end to the marathon is: October/ November - closing speeches, December/ January - verdict.



    All the dates for your diary can be seen in 'Upcoming Events' in the country of your choice from the 'Campaigns' page at:

    Or see the McLibel Press Release at:

    • 1. Second Anniversary Demo, Friday 28th June - There will be a picket outside the court at 9.15am to mark the 2nd anniversary of the trial.

    • 2. McLibel Gathering: Mobilise Against Big Mac, 29th Sep 1996 - A day to discuss and consolidate the effects of the McLibel case and to organise the local, regional, national and international network of Anti-McD's campaigners. Loads more info to follow.

    • 3. Day of Solidarity with McD's workers, 12th October 1996 - events and pickets in support of the workers. More details soon.

    • 4. Worldwide Anti-McD's Day, 16th October 1996 - annual day of protests, with events planned worldwide. More details to follow.

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