A PROPOSAL FOR A day of carnival, protest and action in financial centres across the globe on 18th June 1999.

....Wherever there is oppression there is resistance.....

A proposal has been made by activists from a diversity of UK groups including Reclaim the Streets (Western European Conveners of People's Global Action), London Greenpeace (not part of Greenpeace International), Earth First!, Green Student Network and Partizans (the campaign against Rio Tinto Zinc) to hold an international day of action aimed at the heart of the global economy the financial and banking institutions and districts. The suggested date is Friday 18th June 1999. This proposal is made in the spirit of strengthening our international networks and follows on from the success of co-ordinated global action during May 16th-20th 1998, when demonstrations, actions and protests took place (including over 30 street parties in more than 20 different countries). These protests coincided with the G8 meeting in Birmingham, UK, an annual gathering of the leaders of the 8 most industrialised countries.  G8 exists solely to promote economic globalisation, free trade and corporate rule.

Next year between June 18th-20th the G8 will be meeting in Koln, Germany. The idea is to take global action to coincide with this meeting.  It also links in with the proposed tour of Indian farmers/activists in Europe to campaign against the World Trade Organisation and multinationals.  The June 18th protests would occur in the major financial/business/banking districts or at relevant sites, eg. at transnational companies offices, local banks etc.  Events would be autonomously organised and networked by a diversity of local groups. It is hoped that a whole range of different movements will take part, including workers, peasants, indigenous peoples, women, environmentalists, unwaged/unemployed, students and others...... anyone who recognises that the global capitalist system, based on the exploitation of people and the planet for the profit of a few, is at the root of our social and ecological troubles.

London activists are already organising for an array of mass protests, actions and parties in the financial heart of London on 18th June.  It will be a celebration of life and our common struggles against oppression. Already there have been discussions with activists from around the world; we'd like very much to hear what you think. Please email rtsdiscussion@gn.apc.org. Your replies will automatically go out to other interested groups around the world, in order to facilitate wider discussion about this proposal.

Or write to 'June 18th', PO BOX 9656, London, N4 4JY, UK ;